If you are like me, and wondering why the world isn't hearing about all the amazing healings taking place through the Power of God, then please help make a difference and share your Medically documented testimony of healing so the world may know!

My main goal is to publish your story with your first name only, and where/when the healing took place, and not to use, publish or disclose any other information you provide here -
The rest of the information is purely for statistics on capturing the data about the healings. Feel free to leave any fields blank that you are not comfortable providing.

Please email or fax (866) 576-7291 any medical documents that show proof of your healing, or you may send a letter from your Doctor stating the nature of your healing. The letters or documents you send are purely for verification purposes and we will not publish any information from these documents. .

By sending any forms or documents, you agree to allow us to read any of the information contained and will not hold us liable for reading, verifying, or storing any of the information sent to us.

Last, if your story is already written or too long for submitting on this form, please fill in the rest of the form, press submit, and then email the story to testomonials@healingpowerofGod.com and I'll match up your name with the form information. Thanks for sharing your testimony!
Scott Levesque
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