Winter 2019

Supporting Paraprofessionals

Do you work with student support aides, SLP-As, and classroom aides?  How do you help them systematically choose (and fade) the level of support provided to their students? Are you looking for a practical article to assist in professional development? 

We love this article’s ideas for structures to help reduce adult intervention, and celebrate the practical examples of how to accomplish the goal.         

CSHA, Pasadena March 14-17, 2019

Pre-registration is now closed, but CSHA elected to keep the discounted rates for on-site registrations! Thanks CSHA! 

Here are some quick links for your reference:
 Have fun! 

Visit Pacific Coast Speech at CSHA! 

We invite you all to visit Tabletop #12, where our will have plenty of our NEW bilingual bell curve, our new resource guide with some terrific websites, and plenty of other practical swag!

Our Directors, Louise Valente and Annette Crotty, will be interviewing candidates and handing out chocolate all weekend: we would love to see you!   

 For new clinicians to the field, we specialize in superior supervision (double to triple the ASHA standard) within school-based settings in Southern California. Our Directors are both speech-language pathologists and are heavily invested in helping new SLPs be successful wherever they land!   

Come visit Tabletop #12 for:  

Most importantly, welcome to an amazing profession, where we have the privilege to give others their voice!

Discount Codes for CSHA Vendors! 

There are some terrific vendors at the exhibit hall this year. Please visit their booths and thank them for participating! For those of you who are not attending, or for those who handle purchases online, the following vendors have released CSHA vendor codes:

Academic Therapy Publications/High Noon Books: 25% conference-only discount this year, as well as a 10% after-conference discount through April 15, 2019. Discount Code CSHA19.

Plural Publishing: Online Promo Code CSHA1920 (20%) ends 03/18/2019

Smart Felt Toys:  Discount Code CSHA19 for either "My Little House" or "My Little Farm" ($5 off) or "Farm/House" ($15 off) if you order both. Effective as of today and for several weeks past the conference. Additional discounts for large orders. 

Brookes Publishing: Discount Code CSHA19, 10% off and free shipping through April 20th. 

Additional pricing differences on tools such as the TILLS available through Dave Scahill/Brookes Publishing. 
Smarty Symbols (Smarty Ears): Discount Code CSHA19 for 20% off Smarty Symbols subscription (unable to attend CSHA this year.)

Northern Speech Services:  Select materials 25% off at convention.

Super Duper Publications:  Discount Code ZATK for 10% off.  Typically valid for 2 weeks from first day of conference. 

Louise Valente, CSHA District 8 Outstanding Leadership Award 

Pacific Coast Speech Service's Director of Staffing, Louise Valente, is receiving an Outstanding Leadership award for District 8! The following was shared in recommendation letter for the award:

"Louise consistently takes a leadership role in furthering the profession. She freely gives of her time with people who contact her, whether or not they work with/for her. She ensures that the PCSS website has many resources available to clinicians and publishes a frequent newsletter that PCSS shares freely.

Louise has been a guest speaker for graduate students to help them understand what to look for in a CF position and how to interview for that position. She contributes her extensive professional knowledge and insights frequently to the SIG and Facebook community pages to which she belongs."

Come celebrate with Louise, and the other District 8 awards winners: Michelle D'Mello and Andrew Schwagerl-student award winners, and Maredi Ly-SLPA award winner! Check the on-site program for room numbers and times for the Celebration of Excellence events! 

Congratulations on your well-deserved award!

Jokes for Kids!

Why didn't the orange win the race? It ran out of juice! 

How do you talk to a giant? Use big words! 

When does a joke become a dad joke?
When the punch line becomes a-parent! 

What's fast, loud and crunchy? A rocket chip! 

What do you call an old snowman?